Crowdfunding for the Arts

As musicians ourselves, we know that instruments can be expensive. However, everyone here at Promote Classical agrees that your dream instrument is never completely out of your reach.

Sometimes, applying for grants to fully cover the cost of a musical instrument purchase can not be possible for a number of reasons, funding may be limited to a small amount of the purchase price, you aren't eligible to apply or your application was lost amongst hundreds of others.

That’s where Crowdfunding for the Arts comes in.

Crowdfunding is the practise of using the internet to raise the money for a user-defined goal. It has been used to fundraise for charity, to make the money for video games, for anime, for album recordings and also of course for instrument purchases.

The Founder and Managing Director of Promote Classical, Elliot Corner crowdfunded his own instrument, a 17” David Milward Viola sold for £6,000, when he was aged just 17.

Elliot reached his target of £3,000 in just 11 days, using (now inactive) website ‘Zequs’. With careful marketing planning, Elliot utilised the follow-on publicity from successfully crowdfunding half of instrument to raise a further £2,700 in direct donations and sponsored concerts. This resulted in him raising the full £6,000 cost of the instrument.

Promote Classical offers expert assistance to get your campaign moving, to ensure that you reach your full targets on a crowdfunding campaign, and beyond.

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Success Story: Georgia Scott

Georgia Scott engaged Promote Classical to fundraise on her behalf, to raise £5,000 towards the costs of a recording session for her debut Ballet 'The Undercurrent' in Prague, Austria on 15th October 2015.

She had raised almost €10,000 herself, and desperately needed to raise the last few thousand euros to secure the session.

“I’ve written a major orchestral work in collaboration with Choreographer Alice Weber, Set Designer Stephanie Ferris and Costume Designer Lotte Welsh. We are going to be looking for performances all over the world, but cannot submit the pitch of this project to orchestras and ballet companies without having a professional recording of the score to demonstrate the feasibility and artistic integrity of the music.

As such, we’ve managed to secure a recording session with the world-renownedJanáček Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Mikel Toms on October 12th-13th 2015.

However, this is not cheap. Whilst I’ve managed to fund over €10,000 of this project myself, I simply cannot afford the final amount needed to make this happen.
— Part of Georgia's Crowdfunding pitch, via Indiegogo

In close collaboration with Georgia, Promote Classical ran a dedicated, engaged and exciting campaign via Facebook and Twitter, and with several days still to go managed to smash past the target on Indiegogo.We are absolutely delighted for Georgia, and even more so that one of our partner organisations Demerara Records has seen fit to secure a record deal for the recording!

All in all, this project was a massive success, and secured Georgia some excellent publicity alongside a prized record deal for a recording, which we can safely say had a significant amount of emotional investment poured into the production.