Promote Classical is an arts marketing agency, offering Digital Marketing, Project Management, Fundraising, Artist Management and Public Relations (PR) for all Classical Musicians, Ensembles and Institutions.

We were founded in February 2015 and work with a large variety of clients on a vast number of different projects, ranging from music schools to music videos, from search engine optimisation to feature films, from PR consultancy to politics, from web design to branding.  

We are aiming to expand the field of Classical Music by offering professional representation openly without needing to be an established musician. We believe strongly that training in marketing and PR is almost as important to musicians as the playing and performing itself. Without good networking and self-promotional skills it is very difficult to build a career. This is why we believe that offering a 'bridge' service between graduation and international fame is a sorely neglected niche market, and one that we are very happy to fill.

Our CEO and founder is Elliot Corner, a Viola player and Arts Marketing Specialist; and we consist of a small team of musicians and arts specialists working from both London and Boston. 



We would always say as soon as possible. If you suddenly have a big break in your career at any stage, then having both online and networking infrastructure already in place will save you a lot of stress. In addition, it is generally advisable to be maintaining and staying on top of websites, concert promotion and professional networking at all stages of your career. 

Effective networking is one of the most crucial parts of any musicians' professional life, and most work that you will be offered throughout your career will likely be from recommendations from existing contacts. 

Having a professionalised, established online presence makes it far easier to source information about a potential new contact, and a concise, polished online image gives the impression of being a musician with initiative, thus likely increasing your chances of attaining work.


How does it work?

Our default way of working with new clients tends to be easiest explained as a 'Pay As You Go' arrangement. We are happily flexible with time purchases, and tend to work by 'stopwatch' rather than in blocks of time (an 'hour' will not necessarily be used in an hour, it'll be used in small chunks across a week).

A purchase of one to two hours is usually quite enough to manage a twitter and facebook account for an entire week!

We will usually notify you via email when your time has been used up (with an 'order fulfilled' email), which will enable you to purchase more hours of time at your convenience.

For our social media work, the majority is done whilst logged into your account. For security and safety purposes, we usually request clients to change their twitter passwords whilst we are working in their accounts to something we can agree in advance so that we do not learn your usual login details. If we stop working with you, you can simply change the password to revoke our access - control is in your hands at all times

We communicate with our clients largely via email, but we have started using an ultra-secure client called Telegram Messenger for group chats between us and our clients, which enormously reduces time spent writing out emails. The immediacy and personability lends itself well to faced-paced communication, ensuring top notch service.

Finally if our hourly rates do not feel comfortable, or if you prefer simply paying a bill each week for our services, we are also capable of offering more traditional weekly/monthly billing for all services we offer on request, using custom e-Invoices to produce a payment plan tailored for you.

We find that more often than not, 'Pay As You Go' management better suits our clients' needs, as it gives the client the most control over their spending and is far more flexible than simply receiving monthly bills of varying costs.

You can purchase hours for use with us here:

--> http://www.promoteclassical.com/purchase-and-payment <--



We think that everyone should have the opportunity to work with professional management. Not just for the experience of working with an agency, but also because we make it our priority to share our knowledge of self-promotion with our clients.

Worrying about keeping up to date with everything can be distracting to your studies. Let us deal with managing your online portfolio, building and updating your website and getting you the exposure you need at this stage of your career, so that you can focus on your work.



First and foremost, we have nothing but the utmost empathy for you, as most of our staff are in the same situation. We want to offer the most personalised and relevant experience possible, and strive to present Promote Classical as being run by musicians, for musicians.

We have a large range of options available, and believe that what we do offer is truly excellent value for money. Investing into self-promotion and self-marketing are vital additions to your career which will almost certainly pay themselves back ten times over in the future.

The most basic regular assistance we can offer costs just £25, which would give you an hour of time to be used however you wanted. We work fast - and so an hour can last up to an entire week.

We can do a surprising amount in just an hour, but if you have serious need for help then discussion is always the best option. Get in touch with us and we can always work something out.