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Promote Classical is the PR and Marketing Agency for Classical Musicians and ensembles. 

In the 21st century, classical musicians have a wider potential audience than ever before. Contrary to popular opinion, the classical music scene is thriving globally and there are many innovative new channels and forms of media to use in the distribution of music.

We offer world-class management and marketing for the flat rate of just £25ph.

Promote Classical was founded by Violist and Arts Marketing specialist Elliot Corner in 2015, after he realised that there was a real and significant need for a method of representationconsultation and marketing assistance for classical musicians and institutions.

Alongside our management options for professional musicians, we also aim to offer affordable solutions for students, for recent graduates with limited financial means and for newer classical ensembles and institutions who need to build a professional portfolio quickly and efficiently.

We can offer a very wide range of services for all budgets, and believe that we offer, without a doubt, the best value on the market. See our Rates for more information, and perhaps consider becoming a client today.

Photograph taken during a Recording Session in Gävle, Sweden, for our Client Vito Palumbo, an award-winning Italian Composer.

Photograph taken during a Recording Session in Gävle, Sweden, for our Client Vito Palumbo, an award-winning Italian Composer.

Hourly Service Rate - Freelance Clients
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Hourly Rate for clients engaging us on a freelance, one-off or negotiated charge basis.

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We offer comprehensive assistance for all of your management needs. Some of our more popular services are listed here: 


  • Flexible and Comprehensive Management for Classical Musicians and Organisations
  • Publicity and Marketing Consultancy
  • Web Design
  • Press Liaison and Promotional Services
  • Arts Photography
  • Concert Posters, Flyers, and Social Media Graphic Design
  • Artist Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Arts Fundraising and Crowdfunding Strategy
  • Marketing Training and Advice for Classical Musicians


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