Managing Director Elliot Corner and Promote Classical Clients ‘Duo Diez’ have recently returned from spending four days in Hungary working on a major project, between 13th-17th February.

Duo Diez are a classical Violin/Guitar duo, specialising in the performance of Latin-American and Spanish music. They have been working with Elliot since before the inception of Promote Classical, back from when he was working as a freelance agent. The entire aim of our involvement has always been that Diez simply needed large-scale exposure, as many ensembles near the beginning of their performance career do. Violeta and Dimitris both have the right appearance, worldwide performance credits and all of the right contacts; but simply needed to have a significantly higher profile and particularly in the utilisation of online marketing to reach a new client base and audience.

This is where Promote Classical comes in. Elliot has worked out a marketing plan in close collaboration with Diez, and we decided that we were going to do something significantly and entirely different to their usual area of performance.

The project we came up with is a Crowdfunding project, which to put it simply is the raising of money for an artistic project by ‘asking the internet’. #DiezIsComing aims to create a viral classical music comedy video based on the globally recogniseable TV Series ‘Game of Thrones’. The shoot itself has seriously high production values, fully produced on location in Hungary by our directors Janka Berentz and Kitty Stark. The backing track was composed by Kevin Penkin, and features the soloists Duo Diez over a full Hollywood cinematic-style film music arrangement of the Game of Thrones theme tune.

The outcome of the project is that we are attempting to fund future video projects of this ‘epic classical comedy’ cover genre, in the continued and combined style of artists such as ‘2Cellos’, ‘Igudesman and Joo’, and Victor Borge.

The largest and most significant element of a crowdfunding campaign is in its innate ability to generate not only significant financial interest, but also an emotional investment on behalf of the backer. If you invest money into a creative project before it starts, you instinctively want it to reach its conclusion to make your contribution count.

Upon the successful funding of a crowdfunding campaign, the backer has the brilliant reward of having been a vital part of the process, no matter how large or small the monetary contribution made to the campaign actually was. This power of and emotional attachment and investment into an artistic project is nearly impossible to gain through traditional marketing methods; and of course this makes #DiezIsComing a far, far more strongly constructed marketing project than simply advertising or trying to sell copies of the backing track.

In terms of a marketing plan therefore, we estimate that as a result of this campaign Duo Diez will gain a new large and dedicated online fanbase to support their international activity. This is all before we take into account that the project itself is based on the immensely succesful TV series ‘Game of Thrones’!

We are incredibly excited to see where this campaign will take Duo Diez, and as with all crowdfunding projects, literally anything could happen. Watch this space. 

 Sightseeing in the City of Budapest!  Dimitris Dekavallas of 'Duo Diez' with Elliot Corner, Managing Director of Promote Classical.

Sightseeing in the City of Budapest! 
Dimitris Dekavallas of 'Duo Diez' with Elliot Corner, Managing Director of Promote Classical.