The Infinite Bridge

Promote Classical is delighted to announce that we are supporting a brand new cross-disciplinary project entitled 'The Infinite Bridge'.

Mike Ladouceur and Aurélien Krieger (Co-Producers) are spearheading the project, which has already attracted almost 100 creative people currently working on the show.


So, what exactly is the Infinite Bridge?

It's a cross-disciplinary show featuring everything. Original Music, 3D Artwork, technology, dance, theatre, acting and much, much more, and is led by students at the Royal College of Music, London, in professional collaboration with external artists.

 Original artwork from The Infinite Bridge

Original artwork from The Infinite Bridge

The creative leadership team of highly-skilled and experienced specialists will create an immersive, ground-breaking experience and leave its audiences in awe of its emotional power and its technical achievements.

The Infinite Bridge uses specifically composed new music and choreography, interacting with state-of-the-art digital design and projection technology, to tell an original narrative. This imaginative story, about a girl trapped in a mundane existence who escapes into an alternate cyber-world and her dreams, blends visual poetry with social observations and relevance alongside surrealism and magical realism.

The project and performance will develop in partnership with regional and international partners using live-streaming technologies and will create a new model for networked, artistic collaborations that will have long-term educational and commercial applications. 



The Infinite Bridge is attempting a level of technological showmanship which nobody has tried to reach before. The production costs are exceedingly high, and as a result a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to try to raise the money to put on the show.

The Royal College of Music has already provided very generous gifts in kind totalling over £25,000. but a further £13,000 is required to cover the remaining production costs.

Costs include :

  • extra lighting equipment/development - £3,300
  • extra video equipment for testing and performance - £3,500
  • rehearsal spaces outside of the Royal College of Music - £1,150
  • travel and subsistence expenses for collaborators outside of London - £4,000
  • music mix for studio recording - £1,050


If you can help, please consider leaving a contribution on the page below: