'The Undercurrent'

This week, Promote Classical has been focusing on fundraising for musicians. We caught up with 23 year old Australian Composer Georgia Scott, an alumnus of the Royal College of Music, who is currently raising money via Crowdfunding site Indiegogo to record the score of her ballet, 'The Undercurrent' with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra.

Georgia has had her compositions premiered in some fairly prestigious venues, such as the Sydney Opera House, The National Portrait Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields. She exhibits a fairly modest nature and refuses point blank to accept my compliments about the score of her ballet, from which she showed me some computer generated excerpts earlier today.

 Australian Composer Georgia Scott, 23

Australian Composer Georgia Scott, 23

"It sounds nothing like what I hope it will sound like in real life!" she says, laughing. "I'm having some trouble reinstalling my East West samples at the moment, so unfortunately we have to put up with MIDI". Even through MIDI sounds, the detail in the score is still apparent to me.

I ask her about the project itself, and how such a large scale production and indeed campaign came to fruition. 

"Well, I was sitting at the bus stop one day, and the idea for the Ballet just kinda popped into my head, fully formed! I am also really excited to also have the opportunity to work with an amazing creative team - which is made up of Choreographer Alice Weber, Costume Designer Lotte Welsh and Set Designer Stephanie Ferris. All of these fantastic people coming together is what made this possible."

Plot Synopsis:

'The Undercurrent' is set in a world divided in two. Every day, like clockwork, the people of the lower world plug their heads into their fake sky and use their 'brainpower' to provide electricity for the selfish, lazy and hedonistic world above. The lower world does not know of the upper world and think they're sacrificing their knowledge to the 'gods'. This oppression is maintained by the lower world losing their short term memory every time they plug in their heads, meaning they never question what is happening.
The upper world knows all about the lower world but refuses to interact with them due to their fear of an uprising and losing their power source. However, this all changes when a broken plug and a tragic accident leaves a door between the two worlds open and the lower world questioning everything they ever knew to be true.

You can support Georgia's crowdfunding campaign below: