Promote Classical has been involved with the creation of many films and videos for our clients over the last few years. Below you can find a selection of projects we feel best showcases the highly varied work of the talented artists we work with on a daily basis.


Introducing: The Senza System

German violin maker Meike Aupperle is the pioneer of a specially installed system for upper strings, the Senza System, involving the adjustment of the distance between the tailpiece and the bridge to make the vibrating length of the string slightly longer than usual - which adds additional colour and resonance to the sound of an instrument.

Promote Classical sponsored the production of a short informative video in 2015 to highlight and explain the installation and effect of the Senza System, which is viewable below! 

Bar Markovich - Electric Violinist

Bar Markovich is an award-winning cross-genre Violinist, and one of Israel's most promising young musicians. Promote Classical has been working with Bar for over a year now on a freelance basis, assisting with everything from fundraising to website builds to video production.

Below is one of the music videos that we helped Bar to produce, a spellbinding and head-turning cover of 'Sunny' by Bobby Hebb performed on Bar's custom-made Electric Violin.